Local Training Management

Local Training Management

IPTM offers innovative, cost-effective tailoredlocal training solutions delivered by a team of industry experts.  Through organization and implementation of local training, seminar and workshop, IPTM promotes sustainable development in a participatory manner by providing quality technical and logistical services, to bring aboutorganizational strengthening, enhance capacity of the professionals and promote socio-economic advancement to communities both in rural and urban contexts.

IPTM has a pool of more than 350 subject matter specialists, resource personnel, consultants and facilitators with international standard and repute. The program implementation methodologies of all training programs designed and delivered by IPTM are competency driven. The learning process of such training includes lectures, discussion groups, case studies, coaching, individual feedback, team and group based activities.

IPTM is capable of organizing training courses on the following topics in 64 districts of Bangladesh.

•         Education

•         Health

•         Agriculture& Fisheries

•         Finance and Accounts

•         Human Resources

•         Monitoring and Evaluation

•         Public and Local Governance Skills

•         Organizational Management Skills

•         Project Management

•         Occupational Health and Safety

•         Disaster Management

•         Water Resource Management

•         Rural Development

•         Poverty Alleviation

•         Environmental Adaption

•         Oil, Gas and Energy

•         Finance and Income Generation

•         Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment

We offer a Comprehensive Solution for organization and implementation of the localtraining programs inclusive of the following services.

•         Gaps and Needs Analysis

•         Program design and planning

•         Arrangement of Training Venue

•         Appointment of Resources Persons and Trainers

•         Development of Training Contents and Materials


•         Arrangement of Training Equipment

•         Arrangement of Transportation

•         Training Evaluation and Assessment

•         Preparation of Training Report