Lead Consultant


Since 1997, Dr. Mohammad Anwar Javed, the Lead Consultant and Managing Partner of IPTM has been working as a Training Management Specialist under various projects in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Nepal and Bhutan. As of today, over 400 capacity building programs both in Bangladesh and abroad have been successfully organized and implemented under his leadership, direction and supervision.

He has also the experience of working as a Training Specialist/Training Management Specialist under the below mentioned 06 (six) projects of the government of the Bangladesh.

Sl. No. Name of Project Position Held
1. ‘Capacity Enhancement of NEC-ECNEC & Coordination Wing by Introducing Digital Data Base & Archive System’ Project, Planning Commission, Ministry of Planning, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Training Specialist
2. Strengthening Monitoring & Evaluation Capabilities of IMED (SMECI), Implementation Monitoring & Evaluation Division, Ministry of Planning, Government of Bangladesh Training Specialist
3. Third Primary Education Development Program (PEDP-3), Directorate of Primary Education, Ministry of Primary & Mass Education, Government of Bangladesh Training ManagementSpecialist
4. Urban Primary Health Care Services Delivery Project (UPHCSDP), Local Government Division, Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development & Cooperatives, Government of Bangladesh Training Management Specialist
5. Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP), University Grant Commission, Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh Training Management Specialist
6. Development of Sustainable Renewable Energy Power Generation (SREPGen) Project, Power Division, Ministry of Power Energy & Mineral Resources, Government of Bangladesh Foreign Training Management Specialist


To learn more about him please visit his website drjaved.training.