About us


Institute of Professional Training & Management (IPTM) is a training management and consultancy firm that specializes in organizing and implementing training, study visit, exposure visit programs for professionals and facilitates transfer of technology and knowledge. With its head office located at Bangladesh (Dhaka), IPTM also has 3 external officeslocated in Canada (Toronto), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Thailand (Bangkok). Additionally, IPTM has itsown official representatives in more than 61 countries across Asia, Europe, North America, Australia and Africa.

IPTM renders one-stop consultancy and management services related to local and international capacity building initiatives under Government, NGO and Corporate bodies on various subject matters e.g. education, health, agriculture, finance, human resources monitoring and evaluation, public and local governance skills, organizational management skills, micro entrepreneurship, disaster management, water resource management, rural development, poverty alleviation, environmental adaption, oil, gas and energy, finance and income generation, women entrepreneurship and empowerment, guidance and counseling etc.

To ensure quality global and present-day learning solutions, IPTM works in collaboration with reputed training agencies, institutions and universities around the world. IPTM’s unique and committed approach ensures that training is converted to learning and learning is translated to results.

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