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Overseas Training & Study Tour Management

IPTM specializes in management of overseas training, study visit, exposure visit programs for professionals. In collaboration with world-class global agencies, institutes and universities, IPTM has the competence of organizing and implementing in more than 80 countries around the globe.

We are capable of arranging overseas capacity building programs include the following countries.

Asian Countries Asian Countries European Countries African Countries
China Cambodia UK Egypt
Vietnam UAE Italy Uganda
Philippines Turkey France Kenya
Malaysia India Germany Morocco
Indonesia Sri Lanka Netherlands Nigeria
Japan Nepal Denmark Somalia
Singapore Bhutan Switzerland
North American Countries South American Countries  Oceanian Countries
USA Brazil Australia
Canada Chile New Zealand
Mexico Peru Table

We offer a Comprehensive Solution for organization and implementation of the overseas programs comprising the below-mentioned services.

Pre-program Intra-program Post-program
Gaps and Needs Analysis Arrangement for accommodation/hotel booking Arrangement of appropriate study materials
Program design and planning Arrangement of post -arrival orientation Conduct follow-up surveys to find out effectiveness of training
Development of Curriculum, Contents and Meeting Agenda Arrangement of land surface transportation Collation of reports and project materials from participants for review and revision
Identification of training institution and  relevant offices/sites for visits Providing on-going support &welfare services Conducting follow-up training if required
Assistance with the government formalities Providing alternate skills training if required Dissemination of learning to other interest groups
Arrangement of Overseas Travel Visa Providing logistics support Preparation of Final Report on outcome of training
Procurement of Air Tickets Evaluation and monitoring of trainee progress
Preparation of Background Study Materials
Arrangement of Pre-departure Orientation
Payment of Per Diem